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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Are we there yet?

My experience over the last several weeks has reminded me once again that despite the inherent advantages of going to a great school that opens up one's career possibilities, recruiting still blows. The path to enlightenment may be filled with many bumps, but the path to one's dream job (or the one that will pave the way to the future dream job) is filled with potholes, road rage, and jackasses all around you. And that's all I'd like to say on recruiting for today.

Last night, I had dinner and drinks with Poweryogi in Manhattan. It was a long day and drinks were in order. The buzz kicked in after the classic combination of a bloody mary-esque cocktail and too many tootsie rolls at PS450. We then hopped into a cab and went to Chinatown, and consumed way too much food. NY + PY + vodka buzz = good times. Chicago math nerd in action.

I discovered my new favorite brunch place today. It passed my poached egg test (soft but not runny) with flying colors, and the rest of the food on my plate was top notch for quality, flavor, and creativity. Ambience wasn't bad either. I'm looking forward to returning with more friends.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Had a long chat with someone last night that I don't talk to often enough. Business school can be extremely isolating at times - I sometimes yearn for the world that I lived in before the GSB, but realize that I no longer belong there. 'World' is loaded - it refers to not just the location, but also the time, many of the relationships and experiences, and my state of mind. So I can't go back because it would feel like I was taking a step backward in my progression through life, but I'm sometimes terrified of moving forward. It means I have to enter the real world, decide whether the choices I made during school were the right ones, and figure out the rest of my life. Heavy shit.

So I decided to spend some time yesterday and today avoiding the usual topics of discussion, and living a pseudo-normal life for a few hours. Last night I went to get some tasty Korean food with fellow students, and ended up having a real conversation with someone at dinner that I'd never really spoken to before. We'd had student-group related discussions in passing, but nothing terribly substantial. Given that I'm constantly surrounded by amazing people, its a shame that I don't have time to have a real chat with more of them.

Today I had brunch with some (non-GSB...!) people at this adorable place in Lakeview. Discovering a new resto and new people was such a refreshing way to start the week. Today, Autrefois is the song of choice.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

You down with OPP?

Other People's Posts. I am such a junkie when reading other blogs - is that an indication that I don't have anything better to do with my time? That I'm starved for any distraction from school? That I'm too busy, lazy, or antisocial to actually talk to people in person? ALL OF THE ABOVE?

This goes along with my previous rant about my computer, and how I get no work done when its on. With OPP, all of the distracting applications on the compy, and Wikipedia around, who actually gets anything accomplished anymore? Okay maybe you do because you're so perfect. [Insert emoticon of pppbbbfffttt here]

Apologies to Red, who is no longer linked but remains in spirit within my little blogosphere. I love reading about fellow GSBers that have a life outside of school, even if I don't. Not to mention tips on where to get a good bloody mary - bonus.

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Monday, October 02, 2006


It is a word. But it shouldn't be. Because everyone I've ever met that says "supposably" never knew that the word "supposedly" exists. 'Nuff said.