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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finally in Chicago!

The past few days have been exciting and frustrating. I'm finally here in Chicago! The heat wave that hit ended last night with some serious rain, and today is sunny and gorgeous 80 F weather. Perfect for going out, except that I have nothing in my apartment (the movers have yet to show up) - all I have on me are the grubby clothes that I wore during the road trip.

I also realized the extent of my addiction to the internet. Although I should technically have internet access through my provider at home right now, the modem and router are sitting in a box with the rest of my stuff in a moving truck. So no internet access from home, which means I can't really find out where the local bank is or comparison shop for PDA cases without aimlessly walking about. Great excuse to explore, but really inefficient way to get stuff done. Couple the lack of internet with no stuff to unpack, and I've started to claw at the walls and cough up hairballs. I succumbed today and went to my local internet cafe, and I can feel my withdrawal shakes starting to subside as the browser windows open up...

So far, I'm digging my neighborhood. I walked to the movie theater a few nights ago, and there are countless places to eat within a 10 minute walk. I can also hop onto the 'L' in less than 5 minutes and take it downtown, which I did a few days ago to check out some shops (including the Apple store on Michigan Avenue). Now if only my stuff would get here...


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